Your perspective to
global financial markets

With 30 years of market presence, Century Financial have remained Dubai’s oldest and trusted investment solutions provider

Your perspective to
global financial markets

With 30 years of market presence, Century Financial have remained Dubai’s oldest and trusted investment solutions provider

About Century Financial Vision & Mission
We take pride to have been successful in making the global financial markets simple and accessible to both local and expatriate clients and thus remain an undisputed leader providing excellent client services and an array of trading instruments across various asset classes to our valued clients in the UAE.

Century Financial is headed by visionary leader Mr. Bal Krishen with the sole ambition of providing clients with better investment prospects in the financial markets. His noteworthy organizational skills have immensely contributed to the success of the Company. Taking complete responsibility in the matters of the Company, adopting a personal approach to business, building trust among the investors and shareholders reflects on his remarkable business acumen.

For almost three decades, we have been striving to provide an array of professional services to private and corporate investors. The Company has since then extended its network throughout the Middle East and Gulf countries.


Century Financial is registered trademark of Century Financial Consultancy LLC, is a company registered with the Department of Economic Development, Govt. of Dubai.

Century Financial is duly regulated as per the licensed activities of Financial Consultancy & Financial Analysis and Promotion & Introduction by the Securities and Commodities Authority (SCA).


To be the region’s first choice for global financial investments.


As pioneers of global financial markets in the region, we are committed to making investments simple and accessible through a highly customer-centric approach, industry-leading expertise and cutting-edge technologies with core emphasis on educating investors thereby empowering them to make an informed decision.

7 Core Values

Success is not just a seven-letter word, a lot goes into translating something to success. And it takes 7 core values to define our success – Care, Heritage, Innovation, Education, Ambition, Synergism, and Simplicity. By living these values each day, Century Financial can ensure that clients are served in the best way possible, that internal colleagues are valued and respected, and that the company consistently achieves a level of performance that sets Century Financial apart from the competition.
A commitment to care is the foundation of Century Financial. We place customers first & by developing close relationships, we aim to better understand their needs and act with urgency and care. We are service driven and strive to provide unparalleled customer experience.
We take the time to educate our clients and bring a substantial value-added solution to the marketplace. Our clients make a real informed decision & understand what they own and why.
We encourage innovation to cultivate originality and pursue new ideas to constantly improve our customers’ experience by working together to adapt our solutions, practices and relationships to tomorrow’s requirements.
Century Financial is proud of its heritage, and its ability to shape the future of the financial service industry. The company lives the bedrock values of stability, honesty, trust, quality and privacy.
We show respect and humility towards each other and our clients. We believe in creating a supportive work environment that fosters teamwork, collegiality and effective communication towards achieving common goals.
The Best – it isn’t everything, it’s the ONLY thing. We are passionate about our work and are devoted to delivering excellence in everything we do.
Working in a complex industry and within an evolving technological environment, we’ve kept simplicity at the heart of all our businesses. Products and processes have been designed to be incredibly easy for anyone to understand.


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Management Team

“Our goal is to provide the most superior and unrivalled trading experience for our clients.”

Bal Krishen – Chairman
Anita Yadav
As the new CEO Anita will be driving new initiatives and expansion at Century, along with managing day to day operations to drive further efficiencies and make the company ready for its next level of growth.
Ali AbdulKareem Ali
Head of Legal Affairs

With over two decades of experience Mr. Ali AbdulKareem, heads compliance and legal at Century Financial. As a part of his remit he manages coordination with principles and regulatory authorities on compliance issues,...

Shaheen Akbari
Senior Executive Director

Mr. Shaheen Akbari has been the Operations Director of Century Financial since 2015, responsible for day to day running of the business in line with the overall regulations and the set objectives for the organisation.

Vijay Valecha
Chief Investment Officer

Mr. Vijay Valecha is the CIO at Century Financial, a key position he has held since January 2015. Mr. Vijay has over 10 years’ experience trading the financial markets,..

Devesh Mamtani
President - Investment & Advisory

Mr. Devesh Mamtani is heading investments and advisory services at Century Financial. He is responsible for risk monitoring, evaluation and supervision of the research and trading divisions at the firm.