Demystifying the power of Yoga for your Investments

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Breath in, Breath out and Sit-tight we are about to discover an interesting relationship between Yoga and your Financial Health.

One must perform yoga consistently to experience the health benefits it can offer; trading is no different, and one must stay invested to reap the long-term benefits. The human clan has evolved and so has the definition of “being healthy”. Today being healthy doesn’t only imply being physically and mentally fit but also includes sound financial health. Let’s see how knowing and practicing the various concepts of Yoga can improve the understanding of stock market investments:


1. Self-Reflection

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Yoga is not only practiced with an aim to be physically and mentally healthy, but one of the core benefits of it is self-reflection as well. It is said that one attains the stage of self-realization when they understand themselves and have a clear vision of their expectations. When it comes to your financial health, planning becomes comfortable and easy when you have reflected on your financial goals based on the time zones of short term or long term goals. You can accordingly set aside your disposable income for investment basis your needs, expectations and the time frame within which you want to achieve them. Planning and calculating your goals will also guard you against uncertain financial surprises.


2. Self-Discipline

Self-Discipline - power of yoga for your investments - brainy bull

The fundamental requirement of Yoga is to build self-discipline among the participants. It is only consistency and discipline which are instrumental in building a calm mind and a healthy body. Practicing Yoga for your well-being demands self-discipline and the same is applicable for good investments. One needs to understand the concept “can’t get rich over-night”. For your investments to grow, you must own the discipline of staying invested in some cases and accept the fact that markets will be volatile. Investing in spurts will not help but maintaining a disciplined approach will.



3. Tranquility

Tranquility - power of yoga for your investments - brainy bull

Practicing Yoga helps in blood circulation, heals and calms the mind. This, in turn, enhances the possibility of one retiring to bed at the end of the day, with a tranquil mind. Similarly, a tranquil approach in investments will help you manage the market volatility with prudence. This will help reduce the restlessness and guard you against any impatient withdrawal, which may lead to a future fatal loss. A tranquil soul does not only help in right the investment but also in life, in general.


4. Patience

Patience - power of yoga for your investments - brainy bull

The first time when you attempt any Asana in Yoga, there is every possibility that you will fail and breakdown. You will not want to continue in the same position for the time it is required to stay, and in the process, you may even tend to injure yourself. Holding on and keeping patience can only pull you out of this anxiety. Similarly, while trading in the stock market, every investor will experience volatility, which might cause panic among investors but going into a panic mode will not help your portfolio grow. Being impatient will kill all that you have built or are capable of building in the future.



5. Long-term benefits

Long-term-benefits - power of yoga for your investments - brainy bull

The longer you hold on to an Asana or posture, higher is the probability that you will master it, in Yoga. Controlling your breath for a longer time to bring in the rhythm is equally important. Regular practice over a period will ensure you have the right posture and the required rhythm. Markets fall and rise, are bullish and bearish and functions in its own rhythm. The best practice is to sail through the fluctuations and wait for the right opportunity.


 6. Diversification

Diversification - power of yoga for your investments - brainy bull

Striking the right balance is critical. Be it Yoga or your investments. The hallmark of Yoga is, it offers variety and has different Asana for all your special requirements. Stock Market too has a suite of solutions to cater to all your financial requirements and you must choose from the diverse options available to strike the right balance. Strategically diversify the available corpus for the best possible return as even Warren Buffet believes “Do not put all your eggs in one basket”. Diversify to compensate and balance the overall risk your portfolio is exposed to.



Practicing Yoga is a healthy habit, so is proper planning for your financial health. Both are commitments one must practice and experience it to enjoy the benefits it has in-store.

Here’s to your physical, mental and financial health!




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