Business Intelligent ME – The region’s pioneering investment trading organization introduces ‘Women power trading seminars’ in Dubai

Century Financial Brokers introduces ‘Paint It Pink-Women & Investing’ concept to educate and empower women in the world of global financial markets


To further boost and engage women in online trading, Century Financial Brokers, region’s leading financial brokerage firm is launching an exclusive women’s only seminar, on 14th November at their office premises.

The seminar titled under the initiative ‘Paint It Pink (PIP) – Women & Investing’ will be conducted by Century Financial Brokers’ highly qualified and experienced female financial and research analysts.

PIP is a commonly used term in the online trading business which means the smallest price move in a given exchange rate. Understanding the change in value helps traders to enter, exit or edit orders to manage their trading strategy.

According to the UAE Ministry of Economy, women in the UAE contribute to nearly half of the small-and-medium enterprise sector and, interestingly, 48 per cent of female business owners are the sole owners of their firms. There are many women in the corporate world who are making bold moves to create value for shareholders, employees, and society. However, when it comes to online trading, females clearly are a minority, less than 15%.

Mr. Bal Krishen, CEO – Century Financial Brokers said, “The event will highlight the do’s and don’ts of online trading and will help women learn about the simple, rules-based trading strategy. Women who have no prior experience in trading will learn the basics of trading and risk/reward evaluations. Those who are already practicing online trading will benefit from the seminar by learning how to improve their strategies.”

The seminar is testimony to the growing awareness amongst the financial circles on the indispensability of women in the field of trading. This is linked to inherent character traits that women possess which make them better traders than men. Women are generally more risk averse and disciplined than their male counterparts, and therefore they really subscribe to the “low risk” approach that is one of the hallmarks of successful trading.

The prevalent stereotype has been that the field of finance is a man’s world. Realizing the potential of women in online trading space, Century Financial Brokers, has specifically designed the “Paint It Pink – Women & Investing” model to further educate, empower & enable women in the world of online trading.



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