Century Financial participates in the Bloomberg Square Mile Relay – a Global Corporate Running Event

century financial at bloomberg square mile relay

Century Financial participated in a one-of-a-kind, immersive team building experience, which uniquely takes place in the heart of financial districts around the world.

In this event held in DIFC, Dubai on Feb 7th, 2018 a 10 member team from Century took turns to run an unconventional and exciting one-mile lap through the heart of DIFC, competing with 88 other participating teams.

Unlike other corporate events where individuals compete against one-another, this event is all about the TEAM. Train together. Race together. Celebrate together.

Century’s 10 member team consisted of 6 Men and 4 women from across the various departments of the company that demonstrated its determination, grit and great team work in the event

The Square Mile Relay’s has a long standing commitment to strengthening and improving lives in the communities were this event takes place and the Dubai event is aligned with Emirates Red Crescent.

“Century is proud to be associated with events such as the Square mile relay, as it gives us an opportunity to be a part of the vibrant Dubai community and give back to the society where we live and work through the event’s charity association with Emirates Red Crescent” said Mr. Bal Krishen CEO Century Financial


Video: Bloomberg Square Mile Relay 2018: Dubai – Century Financial

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