Global Markets

Global markets continue to be clouded on uncertainty surrounding Trump administration plans with regard to China. Latest reports suggest US administration could curb Chinese investments into advanced US technology companies and also impose tariffs on imports worth at least $ 30 billion. Xi Jinping, basking in the glory of being crowned as the new Chinese Emperor is unlikely to take it lightly. Being trolled as “Winnie the Pooh” in Chinese social media, he might consider this as a “God Sent” opportunity to prove his mettle and this doesn’t forebode well for the global economy or financial markets.

All major leaders of our current times, be it Donald Trump, Xi Jinping, Vladimir Putin, Shinzo Abe or Narendra Modi, they are all ultra-nationalist leaders and when it comes to national interest, they don’t like to get provoked. So good luck with Trump and United States; as for the world, the lyrics of Michael Jackson’s famous song seems apter, “Heal the world. Make it a better place”.

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