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Trading in financial markets involves significant risk of loss which can exceed deposits and may not be suitable for all investors.
Before trading, please ensure that you fully understand the risks involved
Trading in financial markets involves significant risk of loss which can exceed deposits and may not be suitable for all investors. Before trading, please ensure that you fully understand the risks involved

Thursday, January 13, 2022

Business Worthiness of the Shark Tank India Business Deals - The Litmus Test

By Century Financial in Blog

Business Worthiness of the Shark Tank India...
Shark Tank India Middle East Feed

Shark Tank, a show which is popular in several countries, has finally made its way to India, repackaged as “Shark Tank India”.

The first edition of this Business Reality Show is now being aired in the Middle East and is gaining traction amongst Indian expats. The show provides a platform for Indian entrepreneurs to showcase their unique business ideas and concepts.

This revolutionary show encourages budding entrepreneurs to expand business avenues by pitching their ideas to the panel of investors or “Sharks” in a bid to seek their investment. A perfect business pitch is all it takes to impress the Sharks.

Century Financial has always promoted and celebrated the spirit of an entrepreneurial mindset. As a corporate, we are elated to partner with “Shark Tank India” as a presenting sponsor across the Middle East feed.

Shark Tank’s initiative of promoting young business minds is gaining popularity. As a presenting partner, we take the opportunity to share our perspective on 5 intriguing business pitches, in this article.

We begin by discussing how the business ideas were pitched by the startups to the Sharks and received by them for investment, equity sharing, and expert support.

Continue to read Century’s insights on the deals either closed or rejected by the Sharks. A general overview of the business scalability, revenue potential, product/ services, USPs, is also included as part of the discussion.

Heart Up My Sleeve

Heart Up My Sleeve by Riya Khattar aired during Episode 1, is a detachable statement sleeves Manufacturing Company started in New Delhi. This sleeve makes the outfit look good and it can be styled to give a different look in every season.

Entrepreneur’s Ask INR 25 lakh for 20% Equity
Pre Money Valuation Valued at INR 1.25 Crore
Final Deal INR 25 lakh for 30% Equity
Sharks Valuation 85 Lakh
Century’s insights

The detachable sleeves are unconventional fashion products that will attract young consumers.

In the initial phase, the revenues would be generated from fashion-driven individuals. Following this, scalability seems achievable as it has the potential to gain mass appeal.

The business USP lies in the unique designs, which compelled the Sharks to make the offer.

Initiatives including good marketing and promotional activities will help improve business scalability.

The product holds promise to find a permanent place in the wardrobe, as it gains popularity and becomes a sensation.

Head and Heart

Head and Heart is a Unique Brain Exercise Startup aired in Episode 1. It helps people to strengthen their brains and recognize their skills. Founders are Gurunandan Singh & Rajvinder Kaur from Punjab.

Entrepreneur’s Ask INR 50 lakh for 5% Equity
Pre Money Valuation Valued at INR 10 Crore
Final Deal No Deal
Century’s insights

The technique of enhancing the cognitive ability by practicing a specific method is subjective & varies across individuals.

The challenge of carving a standard business model and limited visibility on scaling the service might have invited rejection from the Sharks.

The promotion and branding also appeared difficult as the outcome of the curriculum is not quantifiable. The most feasible promotional route could be a client testimony.


EventBeep startup idea aired during Episode 10, is an attempt to harness the power of community. EventBeep focuses on the “next-generation community for students to connect, discover and reach their full potential.” Founders are Rakhi Pal, Saurabh Mangrulkar, Venkatesh Prasad, Shubham Dange & Harshith M from Pune.

Entrepreneur’s Ask INR 30 lakh for 2% Equity
Pre Money Valuation Valued at INR 15 Crore
Final Deal INR 30 lakh for 3% Equity
Sharks Valuation INR 10 Crore
Century’s insights

The college-goers are a sizable mass in India. This enthusiastic youth community, which is always up to some activity, is the rightful target audience for EventBeep.

EventBeep has the potential to attract new colleges and students, exchange ideas, discuss college events, etc, on its platform.

The Sharks seemed to have banked on the potential of expanding user base and quantifiable visibility on results. This is achievable by making the app more user-friendly, interactive, and engaging.

Improving user base and viability will eventually enhance business avenues and revenue generation across multiple channels (as suggested by the founders).

Sharks did realize the potential that the proposed community has in terms of attracting and retaining users. We believe the decision to invest was at an appropriate valuation.

The scalability will increase with the right marketing efforts, which the founding team intends to pull through via their pitch to the Sharks.

Motion Breeze

The Motion Breeze motorcycle is an electronic vehicle that was showcased in Shark Tank India Episode 8. The EV sports motorbike’s performance is comparable to petrol-driven bikes. The entity was founded in Baroda by Anantraj Tomar & Shivrajsinh Tomar.

Entrepreneur’s Ask INR 30 lakh for 3% Equity
Pre Money Valuation Valued at INR 10 Crore
Final Deal INR 30 lakh for 6% Equity
Sharks Valuation INR 5 Crore
Century’s insights

The demand for a competitive performance EV motorbike has not been addressed in a befitting manner in the Indian landscape, so far.

Motion breeze happens to be amongst the few who have decided to venture into this space.

Although at the prototype stage, the product appears attractive. With further modification, the EV is expected to gain sensational appeal amongst performance bike lovers.

Moreover, a few of the components are patented, making it an attractive proposition for disruptive pricing, even from a performance bike point of view.

The entity has an exhaustive distribution network spread across PAN India which is anticipated to provide the leverage for scalability.

The revenue targets seem achievable, backed by marketing and promotional efforts. The Sharks have appropriately valued the business, considering strong profit projections, a solid product line, and brilliant scope.


NOCD Bangalore Base, founded by Siddharth and Vinay, is a soft drink startup. This is a NO CARB drink that has a lot of healthy nutrition mix in this drink. NOCD has appeared in Shark Tank India Episode 3. Green coffee-based energy drink does not use synthetic caffeine.

Entrepreneur’s Ask INR 50 lakh for 2% Equity
Pre Money Valuation Valued at INR 25 Crore
Final Deal INR 20 lakh for 15% Equity and INR 30 lakh debt
Sharks Valuation INR 1.35 Crore
Century’s insights

The health drink market has the potential to expand its presence gradually in the Indian beverage industry. NOCD attempts to capitalize on the market’s growth prospects, with its unique green coffee-based health drinks.

However, the market is competitive and price sensitive. The growth trajectory will depend on how well the consumers are at acquiring the taste of the green coffee-based drink.

The Sharks offered debt along with a stake of the brand’s equity to the founders, as it is yet to be proven how the health drink is received, and prospects of its palatability and scalability.

An efficient retail distribution channel and product placement in Modern trade outlets (malls and hypermarkets), is expected to act as a catalyst. Moreover, digital marketing and promotion in the HoReCa space must help upscale the business.

Disclaimer: Century Financial Consultancy LLC (“CFC”) is the presenting sponsor of Shark Tank India. The views expressed in the article solely belong to the Company and do not reflect the views of Sony TV ME, its affiliates, or any of the participants on the show. This article is marketing material and has been prepared by individual(s), marketing and/or research personnel of CFC. It has not been prepared in accordance with legal requirements designed to promote the independence of investment research and as such is purely a marketing communication. CFC will not accept liability for any loss or damage, including without limitation to, any loss of profit, which may arise directly or indirectly from use of or reliance on this information. All views expressed herein are subject to change without notice. CFC may have issued other reports, analysis, or other documents expressing different views from the contents herein.